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Gambo Mac Cionaoith


Gambo Mac Cionaoith (pronounced MAC-KEE-YUN-EE) (b. 1998) is an abstract painter based in Fife, Scotland.


He gained a HND (Higher National Diploma; equivalent to first two years of Bachelors degree) in Art & Design with the intention to pursue illustration, but later shifted his focus from illustration to an Architecture Degree at the University of Dundee. He is currently entering the 3 rd year of his degree.


Whilst shifting his focus from illustration to Architecture he regained his passion for fine art. Through years of experimentation and refining his artistic language he developed the style and method of working that represents his mind best, using various materials such as oil paint, oil sticks and graphite.

Gambo’s illustrative work was displayed in a degree show shortly after graduating and he has yet to show his abstract work in a gallery space; opting to instead focus on developing the style to a high standard bringing us to the present day.

Born and raised in a working-class area in Scotland was heavily influential in the development of Gambos’ creative drive; the want and need to escape from an area that does not appreciate the arts only encourages Gambo to pursue his art and its’ development at full speed.

His works take the form of abstract paintings heavily characterised by movement, twisting and intertwining forms using quick and powerful strokes. Gambo creates with the intention of portraying the emotional spectrum with elements of symbolism and storytelling, influenced by mythology, literature, and the human experience.

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