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Welcome to Salt Gallery

Hello Fellow Art Enthusiast, We’re here because we know you have excellent taste in art. Now more than ever, finding your new favorite artist is no small task. In 2020 we find ourselves in a world devoid of in-person experiences. With the lack of exhibitions, studio visits and art fairs, how does one discover the next rising stars of the contemporary art world? We’re here to change that. Discover contemporary artists from all over the world, join us on virtual studio tours, browse their latest work from the comfort of your home, and enjoy an experience that has you in mind. Introducing Salt Gallery, a new platform for modern and contemporary art. Salt Gallery is an artist and curator run space with a select roster of emerging and mid-career artists. We are a digital platform with a physical reach in the form of highly curated exhibitions in major cities. We aim to promote art and culture through alternative, non-commercial programming and education. This platform aims to bring you access to contemporary artists from all over the world in a way that is effortless, transparent, and keeps your needs at the forefront. Explore our curated roster of artists, each of whom were hand-picked for this platform and offer a diverse range of artwork suited to any taste.

Integration, by Salt Artist Sneha Krishnan Photo by Rishabh Malik This work is available exclusively on Salt Gallery

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