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Imperfect Trifecta, 2019

Mixed media

Acrylic, Vinyl, Charcoal, Found Metal, Found Rope on Stretched linen

74 x 51 inches

187.9 x 129.5 cm

Unique work

This work is signed by the artist

JORDAN SEEFRIED - Imperfect Trifecta

  • Jordan Seefried is a Philadelphia based painter and sculptor who received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Hampshire College in 2014. Through his work with a range of found and discarded objects, Seefried reactivates these objects into pictorial works with a new existence. Most of Seefried’s oeuvre includes textual components, by which he is able to inscribe the work with intimate significance. His interaction with the work is physical and practical, allowing the properties of the material to direct the work, rather than seeking to polish or hide the process. Seefried’s subject matter explores death, loss and abandonment and his intentions are to immortalize specific events and relationships from his personal life.

    Seefried states; “After the unexpected loss of my father from cancer, my body of work focuses on decoding a certain cryptic language and other marks left behind by my father during his life. While focusing on the marks and symbols formed from decay, it portrays sickness and death and the breakdown of the human body. Studying these handwritten letters, photographs, and old books from my father I began to collage these mediums in hopes of communicating subliminal messages; an urgency to communicate. The creation of these works has allowed me to build a poignant memorial to my father, while simultaneously helping me to process the loss.”

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