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Deframmentazione, 2021

Work on paper

Spray acrylic on paper

15.75 x 11.8 inches

40 x 30 cm

This work is sold framed

Unique Work

This work is signed by the artist

SALVATORE MAURO - Deframmentazione

  • Salvatore Mauro is an award-winning artist born in Syracuse and resident in Italy. His works have been widely exhibited nationally, as well as in the UK. Salvatore Mauro’s art opens in two directions, the first is a more performative expression, where the central element is the interaction with the viewer of which he himself becomes protagonist. The other concerns sculptural elements, which he calls "lightboxes and constellations", which are created to last over time.

    For the best significant acquisition of the work proposed by Salvatore Mauro, I would unhesitatingly cite some expressive forms that originated in the 1960s, in particular that type of object-oriented works with a high technological content as in the conceptual by Joseph Kosuth, Dan Flavin, Maurizio Nannucci, but with a procedural slant close to Merz and a neo-futurist idea a la Marco Lodoli, a reference that identifies a Mediterranean linguistic root.

    “My Costell Actions are the texture has become my central technique, I had already experienced it in the past through photography, but in this case I turned rather to the language of design, so I chose nets of various shapes and sizes and used them to create bottoms and layers that reach up to twelve levels. The pictorial supports I use are multilayer circles of different sizes, these circles represent planets and stars that will create a large work that will take the name of "Costell action”. What interests me about this installation is its material aspect, that is the pictorial texture that is somewhat reminiscent of photographic pixels, in fact at first glance the image is not noticed, as if it were a blurry photo, or too zoomed and it takes a little to bring it into focus. These circles will be arranged in such a way as to compose an imaginary constellation after a hypothetical big bang. From this work, a performance was born that accompanies the birth of these planets and stars. I tried to simulate the practice of the astronomer who chooses its name when he discovers a new star”.

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