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Back Massage, 2020

Work on paper

Acrylic, Charcoal

42 x 36 inches

106.68 x 91.44

Unique work

This work is stamped


  • Note: The work is slightly more on the grayscale than deep black as in the picture. 

    This work was made as a process of self healing. Living alone in New York with a severe  neck pain, the artist craved for touch and a warm massage. Treating the paint and flesh  and moving her fingers as though giving herself a massage, the artist helped herself heal.  This interaction brought her closer to an understanding of self-love.  ‘ They walked closer to the parts of them which were in pain, parts of them which ached  to be healed by touch. They longed for a touch which could absorb the intensity of their  suffering. They dreamt, as they ran their fingers through the thick wet paint, soft and  dense like actual flesh, of absorbing all the pain and putting it in a place outside of their  body. A place far away from human consciousness, a place perpetually out of reach, a  place where all human suffering is held with utmost caution, never to reach us again. ‘-  Sneha Krishnan

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