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Tony D. White


Tony D. White (He/They) is a New York City based black, queer, non-binary experimental photographer, filmmaker, and visual storyteller. Through surrealist narrative photography and self portraiture, Tony’s work explores relationships, intimacy and black livelihoods from an anti-capitalist, black queer point of view.


Choosing to forgo the traditional institutional route to arts education and presentation, Tony first began experimenting with digital photography in 2014 by taking pictures of family and friends, after leaving an undergraduate course of study in sociology at Princeton University. Guided by their artistic instincts, Tony’s photographic style and philosophy of image production in practice is informed by their perspective, not just as observer, presenter, or interpreter of their subjects, but as an active participant and co-creator in capturing, distilling and archiving “the moment” with them - calling upon elements of play and performance and access to memory and the imaginary. Gradually, their experimental practice has grown to encompass music videos and short documentary films. Currently, Tony’s artistic practice is a mixture of client-based portrait photography and videography, archival photography documenting Black Queer and Trans cultural production in New York City, surrealist 3D animated GIFs, lenticular prints, and avante-garde self portrait work.

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