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1-877-933-HUNK (I really hope you CALL AGAIN), 2021

Mixed Media

Thread, fabric, part of advertisement from "Playgirl", Fall 2012

7 x 5 inches

17.78 x 12.7 cm

This work is sold framed

Unique Work

Embroidered signature on the front of the piece

ALEXANDRIA DETERS - 1-877-933-HUNK (I really hope you CALL AGAIN)

  • Part of ongoing Revise(d) series (2019-Present) - Directly embroidering on pages from vintage Life and 'girlie' magazines, resulting in a re-analyzation of the original text and image, changing its current meaning and purpose.

    For this work, the fabric is embroidered with phrases that I imagined the twin phone sex operators would say to a potential client.

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